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carla izzo (italy), corrado donniacuo (italy), mariano pompa (italy)
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The aim of this project concerns the new use of an area, that will be turned into a public park. This area is located in Comune di Sarno (SA), Sarno river and the motorway A30 Roma-Salerno limit the area’s boundaries and the Cavaiola river crosses it. This area occupies a surface of 1,8 km², bordering an urban area characterized by a high population density that provokes uneasiness and has a serious environmental impact. This project aims to develop this area inserting particular technological innovations, able to store energy from sustainable sources and also able to make this energy usable in green areas. Reinforcing in this way the bond between the park and the urban area, and between the recycling and the naturalistic improvement, considering the site’s characteristic. Based on a parametric comparison of an area similar to that considered in this project, the cost is 1.500.000,00 €, which could be financed by “Programma Operativo FESR 2007-2013 – Regione Campania”.