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cristiana graziani (italy), margherita costanza salvini (italy)
Wind solar green energy
The aim of the project is to create an ecological and productive network combining vegetation with eolic and solar energy generators. Highways in Italy are the highest environmental impact infrastructure, with an average density of 22 km per thousand square kilometers of land area, and cover the 10% of the European highway network. They could be the key elements for the change towards sustainability. The project focuses on the empty interstitial spaces generated by the highway system: the gap between the lanes and the wasted areas engendered by highway junctions. The solution we propose is characterized by its innovative technology, a low impact on territory and represents a new repeatable form of landscaping. The cost of the proposal, significantly lower than the installation of fossil fuel generation plants, might be sustained by Autostrade per l’Italia, that would obtain a self-sustaining energy infrastructure and the possibility of having an income by selling the surplus energy.