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Diego Stefani
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diego stefani (italy), gianpiero venturini (italy)
Diego Stefani
Piezoelectric wall
The project creates a strong relation between the infrastructure (the A1 highway and the rails) with the territory from Rome to Salerno. It revises the common concept of the road signs to a new idea that can be more visible and it gives more precise information about the beauties and cultural event that are nearby so that it can increase the curiosity and knowledge of the travellers and at the same time it links large scale infrastructure with the local community.

These panels produce also energy; the images on the panel are created by a multiplicity of small sheets that are free to float and that contain piezoeletric chips and solar films that exploit wind, rain and solar energy, simply floating by the power of the wind or moving from falling of water drops (piezoeletric energy) and capturing the light by solar film (solar energy).