Green Boulevards - International Online Competition
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ferdinando mazza (italy), giuseppe francone (italy), luigi simone (italy)
Strategies and technologies
The highway is highly technological and interactive, designed primarily as a large solar collector. The road surface is composed of layers that contribute to: disposal of solid waste; production of solar energy; purification of rainwater; communication and real-time reporting via pressure sensors and LEDs. A prototype is being tested in the United States, by Julie and Scott Brusaw, Co-inventors and co-founders of the Solar Roadways project. The vertical walls at the sides have an impact resistant, low-end, while the upper part becomes transparent and light, and supports micro-cells for the production of wind energy. The "micro turbines", similar to the pixels of a screen, can form any image for informational, promotional and touristic purposes. The vertical wall is not a barrier but a means between the traveler and territory as well as the road is not only infrastructure but also a productive resource at the service of the community.