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Promise land
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francesco emanuele contaldo (italy), salvatore contaldo (italy), mariarosaria puca (italy), eleonora prestifilippo (italy)
Promise land
Sustainable Motorways
This proposal focuses on the possibilities given by the Motorway track to became a “linear renewable energy generator” aiming at the same time to landscape design and pollution control.
Four categories of intervention were identified.
An important issue of the motorway net is the concentration of carbon dioxide near the entrance/exit, which are generally located not far from inhabited areas. In the Breathing Station (1), an organic biomorphic membrane (in green) absorbs the pollutant agents but is permeable to air and sunlight, pv panels on the top produce electric energy. Voids in the roof provide direct access to sunlight and natural ventilation for the offices.
Glare occurrences at the galleries exit facing the sunlight are a severe attempt for the safety of motorways trip, the proposed overhang (2) reduces the light contrast which is the main reason for those glare to happen, pv panels integrated in the canopy produce the electric energy needed by the gallery systems.