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Promise land
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francesco emanuele contaldo (italy), salvatore contaldo (italy), mariarosaria puca (italy), eleonora prestifilippo (italy)
Promise land
A snapshot from the future
Photovoltaic Pergola (3) can be installed in areas well exposed to solar radiation, for practical and safety reasons these elements are located on the board of the motorway, not on the track. In this case the panels, being oriented due East and West, are 15° tilted (the best tilted angle for the specific orientation at the design latitude).
Where motorways is overshadowed by, for instance, high trees or building, Solar Geo Thermal “Towers” (4) can be installed. Reflecting surfaces direct the solar rays towards the bulb on the top of the pylon heating up the thermal fluid in the circuit. This energy, integrated by a geo-thermal heat pump, feeds up a turbine in the pylon base producing clean electric energy.
In both 3 and 4 climbing plants grow up on a mesh of cables stretched between the vertical elements creating a “green wall” which helps to reduce the polluting agents and to increase the amenity of the roadway.