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ester lepore (italy), rossella lamberti (italy), maria filomena di napoli (italy)
Eddy Bubble Energy
The project has been thought to improve the environmental conditions in the neighboring areas of the stretch of highway RO-SA and exploit it as a new source of renewable energy. The operation foresees the construction of infrastructure from multiple functions; in addition to create a series of passes and/or new areas for trade bio at km 0, have mechanisms for the production of renewable energy by using energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal power, and they are formed by plants for the reduction of CO2 and particulate emissions. Most of the work may be made with recycled materials, and to a large or small scale, so the cost can be calculated on the basis of the size of the area on which you decide to intervene. There are both private and public financings since both use the spaces provided for commercial activities or in addition to the exhibition to benefit from the energy produced.