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Magionami Tassetti
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angela magionami (italy), paola tassetti (italy)
Magionami Tassetti
The balloon, a childlike and universal symbol of celebration, becomes promoter of energy and metaphor of the pressure accumulated since years from the plantations that they skirt the road board release. Balloons wave sweetly along the board, and become spheres glimmer one melt to the existing trees, by creating a recognizable reference point, for the travellers visible from far and able to advertise the territory. These energy lighthouses are well-thought-out to be seen by big distances, with a 20 meter height and a 7 diameter. The organic solar cells are made of a thin film photovoltaic that has a life expectancy of 25-30 years. The materials and technologies used in the installation have an initial cost (about at 100.000 €) that is offset by manufacturing, installation, maintenance processes and Supported by administrations, consortia and the local cooperatives that will be able to promote through these structures.