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Marta Kulbicka
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marta kulbicka (poland)
Marta Kulbicka
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The objective of the project is to create a power plants in bawls with trees. They’ll vivify and beautify the area around the highways. Energy gained from devices will be used for street lighting and charging car batteries. This mechanism of generating electricity is an innovative solution to be developed in order to create new product.
The project presents the idea of a single device that generates electricity. We created model "bowl" with additional casing which generates energy from the wind. A tree placed in a bowl, moved by the wind causes stress between a bowl and its casing. This pressure causes rotation which is then changed into electricity. Energy bowls can be freely arranged in systems forming spatial structures: linear and areal.
Architectural form refers to the mountainous landscape and olive groves. The characteristic elements of the landscape were expressed form, materials and colors.
The project can be financed by private funds (eg. electric car makers) or EU funds