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"1 km at km 0"
The barcode is the project declaration of intent.The aim is providing tools for decoding natural and artificial elements that set the reality-highway landscape up.This is a dynamic design solution,capable to conform to the all different parts of territory by the inversion of each element of the code,drawing a space in movement where the main user is the traveller.The highway movement models the barcode lines like waves capturing the travellers individual curiosity and contribute to create a self-sufficient energy area.The project site is on the edge of the A1 highway,seen as the main bar of the code,near Colleferro,at 210km from Salerno,it’s 1km long.The project aim is:1 km at km 0! The project realization refers to Kyoto Revolving Fund about investment on energy efficiency provided by EEPR,with an investment target of 600M€ available until 2014.In addition,the POR 2007/13 of Lazio Region provides additional financing for energy saving interventions.