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the ZE-way
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the ZE-way
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Today, highways have become raging rivers of asphalt and moving metal; a constant source of pollution and a hazard to all. The proposal for the ZE-way (Zero-Emissions Highway System) is a futuristic look at a luxurious travel network. A highway designed to float over the landscape, rather than cut and destroy it. With such a minimal impact on the landscape and with integrated systems for energy harvesting, the ZE-way essentially has no carbon or environmental footprint. Systems like the solar roof and wind turbines give the highway potential for becoming the primary source of energy production, rain water collection, and, in the future, food farming. A highway that, in time, pays for itself. As designed, the ZE-way will have the capacity for cars of 'today' while having the capability for introducing and updating new technology, like the maglev road system.