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super mario & mushroom
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francesco belligerante (italy), shuping xiang (china)
super mario & mushroom
Straw roll
The region which “Rome-Salerno” highway goes through is famous for its agriculture. Inspired by the most impressive agriculture element “straw roll”, which is green, flexible and continuous, the “straw roll” is finely employed into the future boulevard as a multi-functional, productive, beautiful and sustainable structure.
First, pushing and unfolding the “straw roll” along the highway, an elevated landscape skyway is created for multi-purposes: enjoying the natural scenery outside of the highway, booming the tourism, generating clean energy, connecting the community, producing agriculture, reducing pollution etc. Secondly, assimilating the space under the “straw roll” and creating the interesting “camouflage landscape”. Through the artifice of hiding, the original beauty of the natural landscape is conserved with the least intervention. While the programs underneath bring great opportunity to the community economy.