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raffaella gatti (italy), emiliano spaziani (italy)
TRANSVERSE_energy devices
On the axis RO-SA it has been chosen the inter-municipal area between Anagni and Frosinone, characterized by the presence of high-speed railway RO/NA and the one to Cassino. Among active quarries and others no longer in service, rural and natural areas of high value follow.The railway as an installation inside the landscape and plans to activate, through transverse energy devices, relations between the territories of the quarries, of the agriculture and of Sacco River.The result is a double checking system characterized by both visibility from the train and from the ground. An osmosis obtained with an almost 1 km long device that includes microturbines, photovoltaic panels and tanks for rainwater recovery,that runs along the railway and then enters the region.The punctuation of the device replicable-flexible, is a visual note of the new reading of the area.The estimated cost is € 1.600.000,00 euro.The way of financing includes the activation the Europe Intelligent Energy Program(IEE)