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quim vilar (united kingdom), breogan sanchez (switzerland)
Biogas approach in RO-SA axis
Our project proposal and strategy for the study area is to achieve a quick, reliable and sustainable access from the A1 corridor to the urban centres. An integrated approach between landscape regeneration and transport access improvement was considered to be the most beneficial strategy for the local community. The epicentre of our scheme is a biomass plant that triggers a series of benefits for visitors and local community. Why exactly biomass energy? The RO-SA axis delivers the characteristics that allow such a system to work making it ideal for the biogas renewable energy production. The use of waste from households and industrial areas will generate energy to move sustainable public transport through biogas powered buses and connect the A1 users to the urban areas through a Park+Ride facility. The cost of the infrastructures would be between 7 and 10€ million (6 years payback). A consortium between private energy sector and local government represents the optimal funding method.