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umberto di tanna
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umberto di tanna (italy), tiziano derme (italy)
umberto di tanna
Alpa farmers_Local Processes
The main managers of natural resources were the local communities, or groups of collectors, hunters, fishermen, herders, farmers, resource users of the forests and suolo.A fiew human communities as social units are created in an effort common use and manage natural resources units. ALPA farmers_about that, creates a set of technologies that generate clean and renewable energy and the other is a solution that can replicate and activate virtuous processes in the territory of the relevant axis highway RO-SA. These processes are designed for the production of biomass through the cultivation and the local treatment of microalgae. Micro-algaes are located trought a system of trasparents,plastic “pockets”where water is introduced from municipal wastewater, livestock and agricultural neighboring, CO2-rich and nutrients for algae. The system of bags constitutes the exterior part of ALPA farmers, more exposed to the sun in order to facilitate the process of photosynthesis of microorganisms.