Green Boulevards - International Online Competition
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bijaya silvestri (italy), maria livia breccia (italy)
Two different ways of crossing land, two speeds, two intersecting streets: the highway as a fast path that swiftly connects one city to another and the country road as a slow path that lazily flanks the highway. Along the first one we run into sustainable car sharing stations and solar-power equipped service areas. Solar guardrails divide roadways, mini wind turbines produce lighting, smart road sings inform in real time the drivers: this is the new infrastructure, with more silicon and less asphalt. On the edge of the highway solar panels installations shape the road. A buffer zone between the highway and the agricultural lands hide a bikeway. Smog-eating plants, such as Quercus, Tilia, Platanus and other species, design a double row of trees. This is the slow path, which allows citizens to rediscover the pleasure of a forgotten country. Highways are not anymore mere roads to cover as quick as possible; they are now becoming places to live!