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valentina protti (italy), alida camaioni (italy), eride tanga (italy), giulia rizzo (iceland), claudio pierro (italy)
In between the highway A1 Rome to Salerno at the junction point Cassino in the area of the Gaeta golf – locates our project. This would be shortest connection between Tirreno_West and the Adriatic_East. Development needs always infrastructure, this would facilitate the traffic to the Balkan. The length of the road Cassino-Formia would be 35km and the width is changeable between a few hundred meters to 5km.
Here you’ll find 3 economic sectors, which influence themselves: culturalTourism/EcoTourism/Industry.
For this goal a reorganization not a delocalization of traditional organization forms in areas,this boulevard will connect them. Contemporary methods, materials, technology, photovoltaic concrete, ecological and sustainable construction. An experimental zone for eliminating SMOG is planned in the last section of the boulevard. The project could be finances by public sources-private sources-partnerships investors would as well profit from the production of sustainable energy