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bijaya silvestri (italy), maria livia breccia (italy)
The domino effect creates a chain reaction:each piece is followed by another one, and so on, endlessly. Replicable and flexible elements follow each other into a renewable energy production system that incorporates all the areas of the highway system:from the belts that run along the lanes to the parking areas, from the tollgates to the junctions.Unusual trees are shaped on the surface of the solar panels:the trees of the third millennium.Real trees run parallel to the solar panels,each plant is native or naturalized and plays an important role in absorbing air pollution.The service stations are changed into green zones,equipped with pedestrian bridges that link the highway with the country nearby.A network of sustainable car sharing connects the major cities,creating core and polyvalent areas.The energy produced by solar panels along the highway is partly used for highway auto supply and partly re-introduced into the network.It is a new way to redesign highways:you make the first move