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Green Researchers
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valentina alberti (italy), michele reginaldi (italy), daniela de ioris (italy), marco rinaldi (italy)
Green Researchers
energy shaping
Ubiquitous energy is a pervasive idea; in a world of space shaping ideas, it’s a world making idea. A world ordered by generative logic, similar, but never the same, clear, but never univocal; it’s an energy shaping idea.
As a set of rules design the world so it should be for energy, like a sense making mesh for a trans-scale reading.

Green boulevard is intended as a chance for economic development, recycling and re-naturalization; landscape and energy are designed together for common wellbeing.
Local rail network is a framework for different natural energy sources, solving conflicts between ecosystems. Production and consumption are calibrated in hexagonal modules at different spatial scales, dependent on resources needed by community.

Thanks to a modular design, any actions may be implemented in phases. Each project involves with a decisive naturalization of the railway edges and, at the same time, a valued energy account.