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giuseppe di pasqua (italy)
The idea behind the project ‘GreenOverpass’ is to give new life to existing urban elements with a view to improve their environmental impact. It is conceived as a cover for overpasses located in the territory extending from Rome to Salerno. It serves for three main needs: PV-generated electricity serving the overpass and surrounding systems; the improvement of the urban and extra-urban aesthetic through the use of vertical gardens; and, reducing the acoustic pollution through sound-absorbing PV panels and vertical green. The cover is divided into 860x120cm modules, whose circumference is 18 LNM. The module’s price is approximately € 26.400,00. The estimated costs for a cover comprising 24 modules is € 633.600,00. Besides public funding, the project may also attract private funding: the green in the down part of the module can be partially replaced by advertising billboards, visible only outside the overpass, whose frontal position is in line with current relevant legislation