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aurino giovanni (italy), gagliardi giacomina (italy)
artificial leaf
The rows of trees that brought the travellers along the roads to Rome, the historical communication axes of communication that nowadays mark the land with great quality, one of them the road Appia. The green as the main ‘material’ to retrain the urban area between Lazio and Campania. A ‘technological green’ capable to produce energy, conceived in artificial way, fruit of our era. The ambition is to create an ‘artificial leaf’ to install on the main sliding axes to create energy to use again there as refund to the land passed by those streets. The single leaf can be made with 3.000,00 euro approximately, a very low price since the active heart of the leaf is made of a catalyst made of two commons metals, nickel and cobalt. It will be possible to make parts of highways or lines at high speed with artificial leafs also by the sponsorship of private companies that will be allowed to personalize parts of the leaf (stem, wing…)