Green Boulevards - International Online Competition
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stefano gambacciani (italy), andrea di nunzio (italy), alessandro guidetti (italy), lorenzo perri (italy), emanuele barili (italy)
The green bio-technological boulevard will be built with steel structures and accessory parts from recycled plastic. Be easily assembled and disassembled without leaving traces in the territory due to the punctiform nature of its contacts to the ground. Energy production will be entrusted to solar pipes capable of concentrating solar rays and amplify the exploitation of photoelectric cells, to pipes covered with solar-enhancing films, to vertical axis wind micro-blades capable of functioning, not only with natural winds, but also with the turbulence caused by the continuous flow of traffic present on the motorway and from geothermal probes that go down into the ground at the points of contact of the structure. The green boulevard will be the supporting frame of strategic alliances fundamental to all the involved areas, made of new energy resources respecting the environment, private and public investments, new employments, improvement and sustainable development of the whole territory.