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giorgio marchese (italy), andrea ottaviani (italy), arianna nobile (italy), claudia palluzzi (italy), laura crialese (italy), gabriel enrique narino (italy), daniele marcotulli (italy)
Urban strategy
A territorial strategy, topologically repeatable and adaptable, based on technological lines that on a vaste scale, take on the expressiveness of a macro sign of land art and on a smaller scale, turn out as linear generators of power. The territory is a force field where “Poles Attractors” exercise a strength on a immaterial grid and the infrastructural signs configure themselves as “Resistant Lines”. The magnetism between the energies creates the “Deformed Lines” of the project.
The re-generative strategy may be used in the different territories. The type-area develops for about 6 km around the industrial area of Marcianise.
For each macro-area will be constituted companies with joint participation of competent companies (Autostrade per l’Italia, Ferrovie dello Stato) and of private entrepreneurship. The sample intervention has a total cost of 32mls€ for a production of 3,1 MGP of photovoltaic energy. The project can also be quantified with the unity of “km”.