Green Boulevards - International Online Competition
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stefano gambacciani (italy), andrea di nunzio (italy), alessandro guidetti (italy), lorenzo perri (italy), emanuele barili (italy)
The green bio-technological boulevard of the third millennium will be a neural structure constituted by a system of flexible networks, able to suit and to lay back on the ground. As a Roman aqueduct of new generation will be the symbol of the highest technology of construction and production of energy from renewable sources. Without trying an environmental camouflage, will be articulated along the motorway Roma-Salerno to then interact, branching, with the surrounding areas, redeveloping the landscape, creating a complex system, a web of energy, economic, social relations, able to revitalize large parts of territory. The works can be made by stages, being the main network of energy production, and the capillary distribution, independents. European grants for the systems used to produce solar, wind and geothermal energy can be invested in local companies able to manufacture parts of the system and enjoy its benefits.