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Atelier CMJN
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gaël brulé (france), françois lepeytre (france), ana bras (france), eric de thoisy (france)
Atelier CMJN
Our intention is to create infrastructures that go beyond mere energy generation, infrastructures that are an ode to life itself, our intention is to create a Vitaeductus…
Current infrastructures are catastrophes for the biodiversity as species need continuities for their migration and development. Vitaeductus is a catalyst of biodiversity and a support of energy, culture, and enjoyment. Instead of being consumer, it is a provider.The structure is based on a fascinating coincidence; there is a east-west piece of road with southern winds: the sun and the wind come from the same side.We try to take advantage of this opportunity by largely collecting the sun on the southern part of the structure and southern winds on the northern façade after cleaning the air through a mineral filter made of local pozzolan, a local powerful adsorbent, meant to remove particles and undesirable gas. The structure made of local recycled product is covered with a vegetal blanket used to produce biofuels.