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dario aureli (italy), silvia ramieri (italy)
3A + R
The geodetic steel grid’s arched frame - equipped for the use of clean energy technology like CGIS solar panels and small wind turbines - also has noise protection panels and with the addition of mass planting and swaths of ground cover the site is reconnected to the surrounding landscape.

This approach acts as a catalyst for an exemplary integration of energy production with landscape.

The width of the highway, the geodetic frame can be up to eight meters high with a variable length based on need.

The overall estimate, from opening the construction site to laying the foundations - including the small wind turbines and CGIS solar panels - is 1.2 million euro x 100 linear meters of highway. The additional cost in case the geodetic frame needs to sustain landforms is 600 thousand x 100 linear meters.
This is a long term investment suitable for pension funds and the like.