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3A + R
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dario aureli (italy), silvia ramieri (italy)
3A + R
A geodetic structure in Corten steel with low maintenance costs.
Small wind turbines producing 27,000 Kw/year for every 100 meters of highway.
Polycarbonate alveolar panels with CGIS photovoltaic film - modular copper indium gallium diselenide - even towards north - producing 150/200,000.00 Kw/year per 100 meters of highway -

Possible benefits and economic advantages for the community include:
Producing clean energy with low environmental impact and without occupying land area
Enhancing the landscape
Lowering noise and particulate matter air pollution
Creating and reinforcing existing territorial ecosystems
Bike paths connecting to the busiest transport hubs with and with a series of destination points to dedicated to local specialties, offering traditional delicacies to try and buy.