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chiara filios (italy), alessandro doniselli (italy)
View from the highway
The area between Roma and Salerno is one of the most important region in terms of geothermal resources. Our goal is to use high-enthalpy geothermal resources in all areas with a good potential for it, as well as to install ground-source heat pump working on land extension: the longer the coil the more energy it produces. In the first case the underground turbines, exploit the high ground temperatures to get electric energy. In the second scenario the geothermal binary fluid technology for the purpose of generating cooling and heating systems from low-to-medium temperature resources and utilizing the thermal resources through the recovery of waste heat. This plants will be installed entirely underground in order to preserve the continuity of land surfaces, without constructions and open to the surrounding landscape.
Public and private buildings connected to this network of energy production will be able to receive energy locally produced at lower costs than the actual ones.