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gvultaggio architecture&design
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giuseppe vultaggio (italy), giuliana sibilia (italy)
gvultaggio architecture&design
High Energy Way
The reticular structure acts also as a support for solar panels on the top. Those panels are the first source of green Energy .The second source of Energy comes from the mechanical energy from the speeding vehicles. This is possible thanks to a new technological system based on converting energy from weight, motion, vibration and temperature changes that occur in a piezoelectric material, when vehicles passing over it cause mechanical strain and deformation. Through the installation of piezoelectric generators 5 cm below asphalt level, the system claims to produce 150kW of electricity when laid on 1km of a railroad and about 0.5mW (500kW) of electricity if it is 1km long roadway could be connected to local electric grids. Produced Energy may be used to supply electricity to a variety of customer applications, including: fixture, building controls, lighting, back-up systems, roadway signage, and other electronics, appliances, and devices used in commercial settings.