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gvultaggio architecture&design
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giuseppe vultaggio (italy), giuliana sibilia (italy)
gvultaggio architecture&design
High Energy Way
High Energy Way is a completely self-sufficient system from an energetic point of view. It is a modular tunnel, flexible in length, consisting of three progressive bands, that work in different ways to produce green Energy and other complementary functions. The aim of the project was to propose an advanced technological system that, at the same time, was not invasive for the landscape. Regarding the urban scale, it will work as a connective element between different “Energetical parks”, located along the territory. The tunnel is made up of a reticular iron structure, providing support for vegetation on the external surface of the tunnel. Overgrown vegetation works as an acoustic barrier and allows the camouflage of the tunnel in surrounding natural landscape. A kind of resistant, evergreen and climbing vegetation, (such as Hedera Helix, Jasminum Officinale “Aureum”, Trachelosperum, Jasminoides) is provided.