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fulvio rossetti (chile), giulia savi (italy)
Wind parkway
Camphora is a tree original from China and is a beautiful wind indicator with a soothing and relaxing rustle of leaves. Its essence acts on vasomotor nerves providing a correct blood circulation and caring nervosism, hypersensitivity, colds.

We propose a green boulevard that combines camphora with minieolic trees in highways lateral bands and other unused spaces, so to create something like a wind parkway with livable or only visible episodes in which we pass from nature to naturalization.

We work on a site where winds ranges from 4 to 5 mt/s, highers than the minimum 2,5 mt/s required by minieolic. Trees will be installed trough camphora woods in a specific way, with specific distance (10mt) and alternance. They can be connected to central networks in order to provide the energy they produce. This method can be apply in a creative way to different windy areas on Rome-Salerno highway junctions, natural or urban boards and service areas.

It sings "sto lontano dallo stress"...