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fulvio rossetti (chile), giulia savi (italy)
Minieolic trees
Minieolic mimics a camphora tree, a little taller to make sure that wind is not obstructed. The maximum earth height of his rotors ranges from 15-20 mt: minieolic systems can reduce visual impacts by lowering the height of normal wind blade from 30 to 15 mt.

An easy assembling structure, with nine small vertical axis rotors, will maximize energy production to more than 20kw in one product. Using one generator for more rotors will reduce even more the original cost of € 2000/Kw.

Trees are grey with red, blue or green tonalities for rotors, depending on situation. A multicolored one could be posted in childrens parks.

The cylindrical trunk serves as power generator and energy storage. It also stabilizes the tree branches. Public illumination can be provide on his top and a display-connection for recharging electric car and/or pc-iphone-camper appliances can be posted on his bottom. In series or connected to the electric network it could works in service or urban areas and parks.