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Heaven's gate
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gemma ordine (italy), antonio salzano (italy)
Heaven's gate
PaeSa' – Porta di Paestum
The project aims to re-connect the existing airport of Salerno-Pontecagnano
with the archaeological site of Paestum – UNESCO world heritage site.
The proposal provides the extension of the existing airport “Costa d'Amalfi” to
ease the flow of tourism not only to the archaeological site of Paestum, but
also to the southern Cilento area with its beautiful beaches and tourist
structures, and the Amalfi coast – another UNESCO world heritage site,
famous for its terraced gardens, limoncello and already.
Focusing on the connection between airport and the iconic site of Paestum,
the existing highway “Aversana” is widened to ease traffic needs and
continues to the archaeological zone. Lighting along this highway is provided
through “sails” - metallic frames with transparent photovoltaic panels,
producing energy by day and light at night. Bridges are realized with a light
and strong tensegrity steel structure covered with photovoltaic panels.