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francesca zampetti (italy), raffaella niglio (italy), luca piciullo (italy), luca passio (italy), gennaro spolverino (italy)
highway, sounds green/1
The presence of a railway, in addition to the highway, further prevent the area from being enjoyed by the population due to the noise generated by vehicles and trains. The “sound garden” aim to create an interaction between highway, environment and people through the sound generation. The canes motion caused by the wind and the vehicles produce a natural sound and also interacts with the laser-harp generating sound when a laser beam remains broken and stop when the laser beam is unbroken. The laser-harp can be used as trigger of sounds, images and lights. Moreover it can be played by the population in the sound garden freely, interacting with the sound generated by the vehicles. Another factor of sound generation is the presence of piezoelectrics under the asphalt of the highway that act both as electricity generator and trigger for the pipes in the sound garden.On the other side the population produce their own sound by walking on piezoelectrics paths in the sound garden.