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francesca zampetti (italy), raffaella niglio (italy), luca piciullo (italy), luca passio (italy), gennaro spolverino (italy)
highway, sounds green/2
The chosen area is a stretch of the A1 highway nearby Ceprano located between the village and the lake of San Giovanni. The energy production is achieved using the piezoelectric effect in two different ways: piezoelectric transducers above the road surface, and an innovative system, called Windulum, consisting in an inverted pendulum that use its deformation to polarize a series of piezoelectric transducers thus creating electricity. The weight of the vehicles is also used to generate energy since it induce a deformation on the piezoelectric transducers above the road. In order to create a conceptual connection with the lake and its environment, the Windulum is cane-shaped: a felt plume on the top, works as noise attenuator and also capture the wind and the air wave caused by the vehicles on the highway. Placing cane-shaped Windulums with different height on the edge of the road, they serve either as energy generators and as sound barriers, so allowing people to enjoy the sound garden.