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ciocia alessandro (italy), caboni andrea (italy)
Photovoltaic Sound Barriers
Many houses close to railways and highways suffer from high noise caused by traffic, often exceeding law limits. It is possible to reduce noise and produce renewable energy through High Performance Photovoltaic Sound Barriers (PVSB), too. In this way otherwise unusable areas are exploited and territory is rationally used. The potential is huge (many MW), because households that must be restored are many and costs are contained and proportional to the installed power, thanks to the standard components used (<2 €/Wp*). Energy production is high due to the high solar radiation and the project is economically available. The idea is to build a series of structures in different parts of the highway and the railroad between Rome and Palermo, in those areas that require environmental sound remediation. This project can start in collaboration with the managers of highways and railways.

* additional cost compared to a traditional acoustic barrier without photovoltaic