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Heidi Lee & Wynne Leung
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wynne leung (united kingdom), heidi lee (united kingdom)
Heidi Lee & Wynne Leung
Pinocchio's tail / tale
Pinocchio sat quietly on his comfortable seat on the high speed rail, staring aimlessly at his wi-fi enabled computer as the swift vehicle dip well into the heart of the mountain. He barely looked out of the window, as the vast post industrial landscape has become mundane & unattractive. Suddenly a series of moving screens started to appear at the corner of his eyes as the landscape started to break, moving at blinking speed with the wind. He looked out, and realized he went passed some sort of gates. Locals & tourists alike started to gather in a pocket: a pocket of land that was created by the lines of the high speed rail & the local low speed rail, a pocket of land that never truly existed or realized. This pocket was a field of golden seeds lined with white fur, trapped within the dust & the noise were the reminisce of arch-ecology & the surrounding landscape's bleak history. The villagers & the visitors were working together to gather & produce a local source of renewable energy.