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germana di gennaro (italy), stefania ragozino (italy), rolando di gregorio (italy), livia falco (italy)
natural born green boulevard
The idea is the curl of grapes: the form of an elastic spring placed on the tracks and cut to accommodate the photovoltaic system, plants and lighting, a tunnel characterized by ribs in corten which has in itself a technological and artistic value rather typical of land art. This design is thought to be replicable on any disused railway.ENERGY: sensitization to alternative modes of mobility; production of clean energy (heat from the photovoltaic, solar panels, wind energy and treatment of wood chips); reuse of wastewater for irrigation.CONCEPT&BUDGET:reuse of existing infrastructure(100%);regeneration of landscaping; riappropriation of the local territory;improvement of the local cultural associations together with the development of the local products and cultural traditions; building the whole system including the core, novel metal structure in corten(€400/ml);production of clean energy(11,500 KW/h);funding through the Lifeplus (Min.of the Environment 2007/12)and local stakeholders