Green Boulevards - International Online Competition
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michele albanelli (italy), carmen hilda omonte miraval (peru)
The design strategy takes the infrastructural axes as default data to develop a transversal network that invest the “in between” territories.
The complexity and the diversity of the layers (infrastructural,urban,rural,agricultural) that covers the area calls for a crossing-scale design response that allow to work on replicable and flexible units to meet as many standards as possible in terms of scale-dimension,economy,technology and use.
The selected “proto-site” is the area of San Marzano sul Sarno for:the proximity of the two Highways (A3 and A30)and the production of a high-quality tomato that needs a big amount of water to grow.
Those set the base for the development of a decentralized energy network where every unit seeks symbiotic integration with the context's dynamics in time.
Unit size:from 120cm to 600cm tall.
Price vary according to the technological characteristics (30e to 300e per unit)
Possible sponsors:Lifegate Radio, Slowfood,Consorzio Pomodori San Marzano.