Green Boulevards - International Online Competition
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flavio borrelli (italy), francesco gamardella (italy), pasquale piscopo (italy)
Use, Waste, produce
Everything in Nature that moves needs energy to produce and to consume:the movement itself is both producer then a consumer of this invisible matter. The human body needs energy for its movings likewise, through those movements, produces energy for its needs. It’s a kind of “closed circle”: use, waste, produce and reach.We want to show two different points of view about how people can observe the “Autostrada”. Mostly of them can just see an infrastructure where several cars travel fast from a point to another. We have seen ‘’living energy’’ developed with the movement of the cars. We want to start from the further vision to arouse the consciousness upon this forgotten potentiality: the Energy within movement.. We want people to know that as they are driving cars, are producing power. According to the environmental issues, we reject the idea that for reaching the “Green Boulevard” we should have the same approach we have been doing with the urban buildings.