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gregorio de luca comandini (italy), antonio atripaldi (italy), lorenzo donin (italy), marcello cualbu (italy)
Kinetic energy = ½ mv2
Renewable energy runs through veins of the mobility. The huge mass of moving vehicles is a flow of kinetic energy that continuously animates the road network. A considerable part of kinetic energy produced is lost as friction.

The idea is to install KERS devices (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that, respecting rules of the road, will allow to recover the energy dissipated by vehicles.

Specifically we propose the idea of “Paradosso”, a road hump placed in the proximity of junctions, parking and pay-toll areas that is able to transform the pressure produced by the vehicle transit into electric energy.

The suppliers estimate 1Kwh recovered every 100 passages. Considering that every day 237.715 vehicles travel on the A1 highway between Rome and Naples and 95.379 vehicles travel on the A30 between Nola and Salerno, it is estimated a production of 1,5 MWH per day for each “Paradox”, the same as a wind turbine at working rate.