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anna terskikh (russian federation), emiliano d`alessandro (italy)
Green corridors
Creation of the energy "Flows" to the settlements by means of the roads.
Roads: Surface consists of an electromagnetic carpet with emitters that transfer power to a collector, placed under the car floor in order to charge it`s batteries, while the vehicle is moving.
- no pollution(no harmful impact to the environment)
- no sound(possibility to have roads near the agricultural fields)
Green corridor: Covering the road with the structure, made of metal components, with the green surface.
-possibility to join two parts of the fields
-make new paths for people, animals and agriculture
-green structure developing with the surroundings
Pedestrian parkways:Parkways situated on the level of green corridor, supported by columns structure, consisting hotel, pavilions, research center.
Using autonomous system for feeding parkways and roads.
-using the energy of sun (solar batteries which supply emitters on the road)
-Using energy of water ( stations on the river)