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alessandro liuti (italy), alessandro cecchini (italy)
SmartWare: the concept
Smartware aims to redesign the old system road-car in an integrated smart key. Our first point is that cars and road work separately. This causes inefficient resources consumption. To invert such trend we want to guarantee a continuous ecosystem composed by cars and road: cars provide the mechanical energy that the road transforms in electrical energy. The aim is to transform a system based on energy and land consumption in a virtuous source of energy. Out idea shapes a new organism that we can compare to a tree: like the tree produces oxygen from CO2, we produce energy from potential waste. These are third millennium ways. Integration is the keyword, precise solutions are the answer, new soft technologies are the medium. Where we have degraded suburban areas near the road we front the issue of traffic noise and depopulation with noise-screening panels and urban fabrics. We think screens can become led screens and catalyze cultural life around them and create opportunities for locals.