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marco ripiccini (italy), federica tomassetti (italy), francesco loparco (italy)
Technological Nature TAV.1
Technological Nature. The project aims to create a technological nature, such as aesthetic and expressive function, combined with the ability to generate clean energy; the system gives the perfect balance between man and nature and technology. The piezoelectric leaves put at the edges of roads and railways, conjure up Italian gardens nature populated. The leaves rustle in the wind and currents caused by the passage of vehicles and trains. The coated film amorphous photovoltaic airscrew, create flowers and buds that help to product energy. This system, retrain the landscape through mimesis with nature functioning even as noise barrier. The system’s made of the a basic module of the dimensions of 200mmx150mm with a thickness of 2mm. Using the same form for breaking down the costs of production, the entire system has a pay-back time estimated in 3 years. The loans can be dished out from UE and from the same solar industry. The estimated cost of the project idea is of 300 thousand euro.