Green Boulevards - International Online Competition
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giulia radaelli (italy), francesca cecconi (italy)
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The project elaborates a matrix able to trigger relations between places(settlement with an historical–naturalistic matter)and no places(without identity)to improve existing territorial elements and to encourage the development of“green core”,which changes depending on the fruition typology of the connection axes,among which we can find:
-Along the axes in fast-flowing: pollution decrease,energetic self-sufficiency
-Along new itinerary(wine and food,cycle-pedestrian):agricultural–landscaping valorization,consumption,direct participation,economic–occupational development.
The considered stretch(valmontone no-place Isoletta place)contains a strategy which can adaptable to a huge case report.
-Funding:public funding in the social-environment field.Private funding for sectoral intervention.
-Economic gain from:energetic production,rental/transfer of ground,cost-benefit analysis of the reforestation strategy,it is possible to estimate hundreds of million per year