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valentina rocco (italy), luciano letteriello (italy)
GreenHousePark,the proposal based on recover the disused highway stretch between the exit of Campagna/Contursi.1,6 Km long with a viaduct of 500metres,this stretch gives onto the WWF’s Oasis of Persano in relevant landscape and environmental contest.It suggests to avoid the operation of demolition and to invest in a linear park that links it to the Oasis of Persano;photovoltaic and small wind power source of energy;cultural and touristic zone;that has the ambition to create spaces for the revitalization of the local economy.The viaduct used as infrastructure supporting the installation of photovoltaic panels, parking area; connections through panoramic lift with the naturalistic oasis that actually suffers the problematic entrance very far from the motorway.It calls for the use of local materials and the estimate cost of the opera is approx 15 mil.It forecasts that the autoproduction and the selling of clean energy support the investments for the creation and management of the Park.