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valeriana senese (italy), irene labella (italy), chiara statini (italy), stefania nannelli (italy), giulia nerbini (italy)
Cluster Hills For energy
How the new infrastructure will be able to turn to a power source network and, at the same time, how to create an economic and employment opportunity? The new railway infrastructure is considered a sort of gathering place of organic waste. Along the new railway line will be located biogas stations, trasforming organic waste into green energy, thermal or electric. Nearby biogas stations new trading points, local products halls and learning centers rise up to promote and foster local culture and identity: new centers, melted with the existing urban system. The image of the project is generate by the tipical topography of the surrounding landscape, organically integrates to the site expressing outwards as heavy liftings of the soil, which resemble the shape of the hills. The project does not pretend to find a final solution for refuse disposal. It is suggested instead a brand new proposal of reproducible integrated systems as a part of the environmental contexts.