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beniamino fabio arco (italy), rosario badessa (italy), fabrizia berlingieri (italy), giovanna falzone (italy)
The algae production occurs within PhotoBioReactors, high-yield crop systems, studied for the growth of photosynthetic micro-organisms. They consist in a hollow central core for the Co2 and water captation, in this frame is arranged a biodegradable plastic membrane that contains algae. This membrane is also an environmental and climatic data pointer: it shows the rainfall through the filling level of the core, and the air pollution through its colouring. Photovoltaic panels store energy during the day to optimize the algae production and to illuminate the PBR at night, turning into lighting lanterns advising the presence of interchange areas on the highway.
The PBR are large scale spots and landscape landmarks. As an attraction for tourism and eco-sustainable systems for agricultural production, these large vertical pipes could be a metaphor of technological highway. An attempt to redefine a specific context offering an alternative collective imagery of the south industrialization.