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vlad stoica (romania), tamina lolev (romania), cristina zlota (romania), iulian canov (romania), irina bogdan (romania)
Wolfhouse Productions
The Wine Train
From singular axis to diffuse clusters

It is time for a paradigm shift in territorial infrastructure planning, from axis to cluster oriented development, by taking advantage of energy harvesting potential of poorer provinces.

Avellino – Benevento > hydrogen producing wine country:

- Tradition, agriculture, wine economy > better connectivity
- Italian Wine Country > touristic potential
- High potential for renewable energy > especially biomass
- Train infrastructure in need an overhaul > diesel to renewables

Through low cost bacterial hydrolysis that uses wine processing residues (the biomass with the highest H2 potential), present diesel commutes become Hydrail without investment in electrification. A state-backed energy program for hydrogen production in small/medium sized facilities involving local wine producers could act as catalyst for the transition to a renewable energy economy in the South of Italy.