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giada pazzi (italy), peter kucharovič (slovakia)
Productive wasteland
Highways occupy certain part of the landscape by its physical structure and it also disables various pieces of land for another type of use. It’s caused by toxic and acoustic pollution or by physical separation and fragmentation. These “wastelands” are natural part of the highway infrastructure, so far mostly perceived as the unpleasant side effect.
The aim of the project is to activate these spaces for the agricultural production that will positively contribute to highways energetic, financial and ecological balance. Together with applying technological inventions to equipment which is necessary for the car traffic, wastelands can be activated in a way that will not produce additional technological structures.
The project focuses on the exits of Ro-SA highway – places of highest concentration of wastelands. By filtering spaces considering the efficient size, accessibility, topography and visibility, we distilled the area suitable for cultivation of biomass: 52,4 ha.